Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vietnam - My Son

We're all for a bit of adventure so a day trip to My Son was planned when the crazy thought of hiring a couple of motorbikes entered our minds.  There was one minor concern here in that neither of us had ever ridden one before.  But at £3 a day, it was a death wish that we couldn't possibly turn down.

So we collected our two wheeled time-machines and headed away on a few practice runs.  It took a bit of getting used to, but I felt ok in control of the bike.  It was just the traffic I was concerned about.  However, having watched Kat bounce down the road like an inebriated kangeroo and reporting that she was having difficulty turning and braking (yes she said that), we decided that one scooter would probably be a wise decision.  Yep!

So off we sped on our 90 minute journey to My Son.  And it was exhilierating.  The traffic was mayhem but the bike just enhanced the experience of Vietnamese life.  They key was feeling confident, and being assertive in decision making, whilst weaving in and out of traffic, avoiding potholes while taking in the Vietscape that flashed by while throttled up.

So we arrived safely.

My Son is a complex of Champa Hindu Temples much similar to the architecture of Ankor Wat in Cambodia.  They were built as an act of religious worship to Shiva dating as far back as the 4th Century.

Each of the temples were connected by well defined paths and possessed their own character.  It was much more touristy than I expected, didn't possess the wow factor that I expected, but was a fascinating insight to the cultural evolution of the Viet people.

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