Friday, January 22, 2016

Vietnam - Marble Mountains

Situated just south of Da Nang City, the Marble Mountains aren't really that well publicised, but having searched the local guides of places to visit from Hoi An (and still equiped with our motor vehicle), we headed on the 40 minute ride north.

The marble mountains are essentially five hills that have under-gone extensive extraction of marble making the area renowned for its delicate sculptures all of which can be seen lined along the streets within the vicinity.

And they were far more impressive than I thought.  A short elevator ride takes you up to a level where paths lead to the many temples built as sanctuaries for the Buddhist monks.  One of the main features of the mountains are the sheer facades and the deep caves that are still used as areas of worship.

It is a splendid place.

The caves maintain an air of solemnity despite the inevitable herds of tourist groups.  One cave in particular was distinctly striking in that a small gap had been wonderfully positioned at the top where the suns rays would penetrate into the hollow below illuminating a small area in which one could be transformed into Deity.  And it was designed for worship.  A wonderful thing I think.

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