Cyprus - 15th to 25th April

Not entirely a birding trip as all my trips abroad are mooted to be but Cyprus in spring really is a treat.  Based just south of Larnaka Airport at Perivolia, the airport lagoons and sewage works were within a short distance away which made up most of the birding for the nine days spent here.  This was only my second (birding) visit to the island (4th in total) - not a great effort but with the intervening period beset global dis-ease, this trip was very much within my radar. Flights were booked on British Airways with a last minute aircraft change on the outbound leg to a wide-bodied Boeing 777-200ER.   Accommodation was booked through Airbnb, an annex within a residential complex that we eventually warmed to during the stay. Birding was leisurely, usually a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening with the day largely spent frolicking on the beach and dining on great local foods.  Cyprus is a lovely place that should be visited much more regularly. A total