Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Scillies - Day Four

The day started again in glorious morning sunshine.  Viewing from Porthloo beach, a couple of Black Redstart were flitting around the rocks.  In the distance, a Spoonbill was picked out on rocks on Sansom Island, as were three Shelduck, distance specks for sure but obvious nonetheless.

A summer plumaged Great Northern Diver cruised past the island, again distant, but all features conspicuous.  A Whimbrel roosted on nearby rocks, not quite ready to awake from its slumber.  

This was altogether a more relaxing day, so deciding to head over to Tresco, it was nice to wander round a different island.  Again, really very picturesque, unsurprising really, and a few interesting things to see.  Most noteworthy was an Osprey feeding high up on a tree on its latest catch.

The Great Pool also held some interesting things, two Pink-Footed Goose was a locally rare bird, with 13 Wigeon, six Redshank, and a Raven flypast.

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