Sunday, October 18, 2015

Scillies - Roundup

93 species:

House Sparrow - common
Collard Dove - common
Mallard - common
Song Thrush - common
Shag - common around the rocks
White Wagtail - seen regularly on Porthmellon Beach
Robin - common
Firecrest - 1 at Lower Broome Platform
Willow Warbler - 1 at Lower Broome Platform
Goldcrest - common
Swallow - regularly seen with a group of 40 over Porth Hellick
House Martin - seen in small numbers
Herring Gull - common
Greater Black Backed Gull - common
Curlew - seen regularly
Oystercatcher - common along the shorelines
Chaffinch - small numbers seen around the island
Starling - common
Feral Pigeon - common
Blackbird - seen regularly around the island
Goldfinch - small groups seen regularly around the island
Meadow Pipit - common with a flock of 150 seen on Penninis Head
Chiffchaff - common
Peregrine - seen daily, two over Beachside
Redwing - large influx midweek
Carrion Crow - regular throughout the island
Pheasant - a cock and hen seen on different occasions
Wren - common
Woodpigeon - small flocks seen daily
Radde's Warbler - first winter at Porth Hellick
Black Headed Gull - group of c25 at Porthcressa Beach
Gannet - seen regularly out to see
Common Snipe - small numbers seen at Lower Moors and Porth Hellick
Grey Heron - singles seen throughout the week 
Turnstone - small groups on Porth ??
Kestrel - regular, 2 together on St. Agnes
Dunnock - common
Blackcap - max of 5 on St Agnes
Blue Tit - regular throughout the week
Red-flanked Bluetail - 1st winter on St Agnes
Siskin - small groups flying over later in the week
Canada Goose - 7 on Tresco Great Pool
Common Stonechat - common
Ringed Plover - max 9 on St Agnes
Rock Pipit - regular around the shores
Dunlin - 2 seen on St Agnes
Northern Wheatear  - regularly seen around the island
Linnet - groups of 20+ on Penninis Head
Common Swift - 1 seen on St Agnes
Whinchat - 1 on St Agnes
Spotted Flycatcher - 1 on St Agnes
Yellow-Browed Warbler - 1 on St Agnes
Short-eared Owl - 1 on Penninis Head
Greenfinch - group of 11 on Penninis Head
Blyth's Pipit - 1 on Penninis Head
Moorhen - seen on pools around the island
Jack Snipe  - max of 5 on Lower Moors
Greenshank - small groups seen around the island
Teal - seen on most pools around the islands
Great Tit - group of 5 at Porth Hellick
Skylark - group of c10 on airfield
Merlin - singles regularly seen most days
Little Bunting - 1 on the standing stones field
Osprey - 1 on Tresco Great Pool
Red-throated Pipit - 1 on Penninis Head
Short-toed Lark - 1 on airfield
Snow Bunting - 1 on Giants Castle
Kingfisher - 1 on Porth Hellick, Porthloo, Old Town Bay
Water Rail - heard only Lower Moors, Porth Hellick (dead bird there)
Black Redstart - 2 seen on Porthloo and Porthcressa Beaches
Spoonbill - 1 distantly on Sansom
Cormorant - 1 past Sansom
Shelduck - 3 on Sansom and later on Tresco Great Pool
Great Northern Diver - 1 summer plumage past Sansom
Little Egret - 9 on rocks from Tresco
Whimbrel - 1 at Porthloo
Grey Wagtail - 1 at Lower Moors and Porthmellon Beach
Red-Legged Partridge - plastic birds on Tresco
Coot - present on Tresco Great Pool
Pink Footed Goose - 2 on Tresco Great Pool
Sparrowhawk - singles seen on Tresco, Holy Vale, and Porth Hellick
Mute Swan - present on Tresco Great Pool
Gadwall - present on Tresco Great Pool
Wigeon - 13 on Tresco Great Pool
Common Redshank - 6 on Tresco Great Pool
Raven - 1 past Tresco Great Pool
Little Grebe - single on Tresco Great Pool
Fieldfare - small groups on St Mary's
Siberian Stonechat - 1 in paddocks off Pungies Lane
Lesser Black Backed Gull - 1 off Porthloo
Golden Plover - 3 high over the golf course
Redpoll - 1 over Beachfield
Mediterranean Gull - 1st winter on Porthcress Beach

Grey Seal - 1 from boat between St Mary's and Tresco, 1 from Porthloo
Common Dolphin - 2 off Penninis Head

Red Admiral
Small Tortoiseshell
Large White
Speckled Wood
Painted Lady
Clouded Yellow
Small Copper

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