Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Waterworks - Garganey

The rain of recent days has drawn in a deluge of migrants up and down the country with coastal areas faring well with some impressive numbers of passerines and passing seabirds.  But for us city folk, there's stuff to find too and with a bit of luck, something like a Garganey could just turn up on a local patch somewhere.  In fact, The Waterworks struck Garganey gold today with this skittish individual that appeared across my eyeline as I was watching the Teal.  Camera in hand, I snapped a couple of shots before it disappeared into the reeds at the back of Bed 13.  One of those moments when I began to question what I had just seen but thankfully the couple of shots confirmed that I hadn't gone completely mad.  A bit lucky but that's fine by me. (Postscript - The Garganey was first seen and photographed on the 20th August by @suzehu so maybe not so fortuitous after all.  Also cursing my luck on hearing a probable calling Redstart by the paddocks and not following it up.)


Not sure how I managed to miss the Spotted Flycatchers, but there was a single Gadwall, a female Shoveler, and around six Teal there.  A flock of House Martin were feeding low over the hide complex.

Heading over to the Marshes, there were three Northern Wheatear on the paddocks, two moulting adult males and a female.  There was a bit of disturbance there but were still present on my wander back.

The juvenile Kestrel were in feeding frenzy mode, with one seen later with a successful catch.

There were two Whinchat in the Cow Field, quite distant and hard to pick up in the breeze.  Four Swallow were also in flight, a family group that may have been the local breeders.

This Teal was a peculiar sight along the path adjacent to the Paddocks.

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