Sunday, August 23, 2015

Therapy in Wildlife

It's been a tough few days.  Remaining positive has been a challenge and being stuck at home was driving me a bit mad.  So we booked late and headed down to Eastbourne for a some sea-air therapy and a change of scenery.

Well the change was good but unfortunately made no difference to my condition.  We did manage to get out and about, albeit at a very slow pace - there are some lovely areas along this stretch of coastline.

Splash Point had a few remaining Kittiwake, with a few tri-coloured juveniles still favouring the cliffside.  A couple of Fulmar glided past, and a number of Gannet were feeding off-shore.  No rare seabirds but a nice spot to sit and relax.

The highlight was a half hour walk from the Cuckmere Inn along the valley path.  Just wish I had more energy because there were passerines here.

Most noteworthy were at least nine Whinchat perched along a line of scrub adjacent to a fenceline.  A juvenile Northern Wheatear was here too and I am sure there was something special lurking within the scrub.  At least eight Yellow Wagtail flew over and a Greenshank was seen feeding at the end of a creek along with 10 Teal.  A Painted Lady battled the breeze along the path.  Two Green Sandpiper then flew past, and a Common Buzzard was seen soaring against an arboreal backdrop.

It's therapy in wildlife and I love it.

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