Monday, June 8, 2015

Walthamstow Marshes - Crossbill

A text from Jamie Partridge and after a few mid-morning chores I headed over to the Marshes where we sat at the raptor watchpoint (!) where earlier three Common Buzzard passed through.  We picked up a Hobby dashing through in ambitious attempts to turn it into a Redfoot, with another seen later on.

Three Swallow were also seen suggesting possible breeding activity nearby, but maybe straggling migrants.

Put two birders together and all they seem to talk about is what could be possible at this time of year.  I think the June doldrums were mentioned (which I think has been officially cancelled for 2015), the possibility of Crossbill perhaps but surely a bit too early by my reckoning.

Walking round to the north marsh, a flock of finches appeared from the right, bulky in appearance. And then they called, and then I called, seven Crossbill flying northeast, possibly a pair with five juveniles. A great bit of prophetic insight there, nailed on Cross(bill), and in Numbers. Blessed.

zoomed in photo courtesy of Jamie Partridge

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