Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Marsh Warbler and Lakenheath

The weather is generally nice this time of year and now I can really make the most of my days off.  The next target was the Marsh Warbler at Narborough.  This bird had been present for a few days, singing regularly and at times showing well, and only two hours from home.

A tardy start but getting there at just before midday, a wait of an hour and half was required which was a little agonising but eventually cranked up it’s song.  This bird is truly bonkers.  It was all over the shop taking off Blackbird as well as other unrecognisable songs, a kaleidoscope of sound as it moved around the reedbed and into its favoured tree where it was seen well between the foliage.  It sang for twenty minutes before running out of steam and no doubt sat low in the reeds panting furiously until the next round of audible mayhem.  Incredible how this bird had to contend with the roar of RAF Tornadoes thundering out of Marsham.  Really nice though.  I like the Marsh Warbler.

Also there was a showy singing Garden Warbler, a Water Vole showed well for short period munching on reeds, my first ever Large Red Damselfly flew downriver, and a Painted Lady landed in the car park of the Ship Inn.

Then onto Lakenheath – always a pleasure to visit this site.  The clouds had rolled in and there was the threat of rain that didn’t materialise and it remained quite humid with a warm breeze.  Three Hobby were typically dextrous as they hawked Dragonfly over the fen.  A couple of Marsh Harrier were present with a male seen with what appeared to be nest material.  Cuckoo seemed to be everywhere, with at least five seen and a couple singing.

My surprise was a Quail flushed from long grass along the riverside path which represents half a new bird as I had only heard them in the past.

It was generally quiet but a wonderful place to enjoy a bit of solitude.

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