Friday, September 26, 2014

Shrike while the irons....

This aint no upwardly mobile freeway, oh no, this is the road to Hull.  I really don't know how these twitchers do it, coursing (and cursing) up and down the country, negotiating traffic and nerves.  Must be adrenaline or madness.  So in my madness, I wangled a day off, stole a car, and headed to Spurn.

Now according to the good book, God rested on the seventh day, but thankfully (and taking full advantage of my lightning reactions) I connected with the juvenile MASKED SHRIKE (present for its 7th day) that had been re-identified last Saturday while I was in Norfolk.  Masked Shrike.... whatever, I exclaimed. Whatever my arse.

Was gutted not to have connected with it earlier but with gratitude and luck and timing and stars aligning, I made it to the site.  The bird was seen so very well in it's preferred location in a big field, cocking it's tail like a Nightingale, flitting along the metal fenceline like a chat, and catching insects, well, like a Shrike.  A delightful bird, my second for the WP.

Thank goodness I forgot the memory card for my camera.  Wasn't pissed off in the slightest.

Did I mention anything about the journey?  The A1(M) has to be one of the most depressing roads in Britain.  I'm right now craving the tube - to me it feels like space travel by comparison.

Also seen today, a bobbing Jack Snipe on Canal Scrape, and eight Tree Sparrow flew past over the triangle.  It was generally very quiet birdwise.

At Kilnsea Wetlands a Little Stint was feeding alongside seven Dunlin, a male Stonechat was present as were 45 Wigeon.

Sleepy time.

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