Sunday, September 28, 2014

Local Nightjar

What a splendid day.  I got a message from my good friend Graham Howie of a Nightjar at Middlesex Filter Beds.  Nightjar + Local Patch + 28th September = extraordinary.

Not only that but the manner in which the bird was found also merits a mention.  Local jogging birder Alistair Dent breezed past the tree-lined boundary at the southern end of the filter beds and noticed a bird sitting along the horizontal branch of an elder tree.  Quite a spot - undoubtedly at speed!

So the birders gathered that fuelled interest of passers by who all enjoyed great views of this wonderful bird.  Hopefully many would have experienced something new, wildlife is inclusive and should be enjoyed by all.  I enjoyed the conviviality immensely, birders and general public alike with many great conversations had.  Please can we leave a Nightjar permanently on site.

Also noted there were two vocal Goldcrest and a Chiffchaff.  A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew over.

Later at the Waterworks, a Common Buzzard flew low over and a Blackcap fed on berries and three Meadow Pipit flew over.

But the day will be remembered for the first Lea Valley Nightjar - a great find, and a great day.

Swaying Nightjar


  1. My thanks to Sue who alerted a lot of us to this, and lovely meeting you and other birders too.