Monday, July 21, 2014

Oare Marshes - Bonaparte's Gull

Cycle to Stratford International, train to Faversham, cycle to the Oare Marshes.  Birding without a car is tiring, and not having secured my tripod properly, I was ready to throw the damn thing into a ditch as it relentlessly smashed against my knees as I pedalled like a mad bloke down to the reserve.  Arriving sweaty, blowing like a whale, I made my way up to the foreshore where the adult summer BONAPARTE'S GULL was indulging on a mudflat buffet, skipping along the swampy foreshore.  A lovely little gull complete with dark hood, white eye ring, an all dark bill, and diagnostically shorter-legged making it appear lower to the deck.  Very dapper.  Finally relaxed and happy to have made the journey tantrums aside.

Also there were four Whimbrel on the foreshore, and 93 Avocet, 450+ Black-Tailed Godwit, nine Ruff, Turnstone, Bearded Tit, juvenile Meditteranean Gull, and Yellow Wagtail all on the East Scrape.

A video of the gull eating spaghetti.

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