Flamborough / Bempton Cliffs

This part of East Yorkshire is absolutely spectacular.  The rugged cliff faces that stretch out from Flambrough Head up to Bempton and beyond provide the stage for a dramatic and breath-taking seabird spectacle.

The viewpoints overlooking the cliffs give the public grandstand views across the cliff-face, the home to thousands of seabirds.

Incredible numbers of KittwakeRazorbillGuillemot and Gannet swirling around this epic landscape.

The trip started at midday Saturday, a spontaneous decision to head away and by five, we arrived at the Lighthouse car park at Flamborough.  I made tracks immediately to connect with the male Black-headed Bunting that sat out in the open on a gloomy afternoon, preening, roosting, before making a dash to the top of the hedge-line where it paused briefly before disappearing into the adjacent field.

I then disappeared as the weather was closing in.  Heading back to the car park where the female Subalpine Warbler wasn't as elusive as suggested, feeding in a Sycamore close to the path.

Subalpine Warbler twitch

It started to rain heavily so we retreated to return the next day to a bright and sunny day to views as the one captured below.

We walked round the headland via South Landing before heading back for a stop at Bempton Cliffs. 

Wow - what a place!  Absolute magic - I was blown away.

So many birds, lulled me into believing that we live in a fertile and prosperous land rich in bio-diversity.  Sad to think that these creatures are under massive pressure due to our unrelenting destructive activities at the expense of the scene I was witnessing.  Why would we destroy this?  It's inconceivable that we as a race are so profligate when it comes to the protection of the natural world.

Our Planet - I will fight to the end to ensure that we protect it.

For now, I was so chilled, so happy watching this lot.

Interesting 'bridled' Guillemot

There were plenty of Painted Lady butterflies along the cliff-top with at least 25 seen along the path.

Sad to see this deceased Mole by the roadside at Flamborough.


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