Saturday, February 10, 2018

A morning in Eastbourne

Yes, this was a morning dash down to Eastbourne.  There were two species here of interest.

The first was the White-spotted Bluethroat seen relatively easily along a line of reeds at West Langney Lakes.  This site was far better than I had expected with a large waterbody providing suitable habitat for water birds, and an extensive reedbed where the distance pinging of Bearded Tit could be heard.  This would be a great local patch.

As for the Bluethroat, this looked like a 1st winter bird, it was well marked but it's behaviour and form made it a real joy to observe as it scavenged for invertebrates on a cold frosty morning.

With the knowledge that a decline in the weather was forecast around midday, I headed down to Sovereign Harbour to search for the Black Guillemot that had been present for a few weeks in the unfamiliar surroundings of the south.

The wander round the harbour was most agreeable, overlooked by new residential developments made it look like quite a desirable location with its shopping area, cool cafes, and free parking!

Having wandered around for a while, the Black Guillemot was eventually located beyond the gate bridge.  It was a really smart bird showing signs of moult into summer plumage.

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