Sunday, January 29, 2017

A weekend in Schweiz

Switzerland at any time of the year explodes with stunning scenery.  The clean air, crisp snow covered landscape, and clear blue skies made this trip really special.  I have a very good friend here, it was a joy to see her and to share in the wonderful landscape that the local Swiss residents get to enjoy throughout the seasons.

This is ski season, and while we don't ski (well not yet anyway), hiking is still a popular pursuit during the winter months.  Our trek wrapped round the back of the ski resort at Sattel a 20 minute drive from Baar.

The light was pristine as was the snow which away from the ski slopes remained untouched by human activity.

The views were simply breathtaking.

And then for the big game in the evening - Zug vs Kloten in the Swiss Ice Hockey league in which EVZ ran out 5-4 winners after over-time.

Finally before leaving back for the UK, a quick walk along Lake Zug in the watery sunshine on a cold afternoon.  It was hard to draw yourself away from this place.

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