Monday, October 24, 2016

Needham Market - Black-bellied Dipper

It was almost out of view when I arrived on site, largely obscured by overhanging nettle on the banks of the stream.  The setting was somewhat picturesque.

The Black-bellied Dipper at this quaint Suffolk site then flew out into the open to feed again, diagnostically plunging into the shallows of the River Gipping.  Lively and energetic.

It then flew towards the gasping onlookers and settled on a line of exposed stones close into the viewing area.  My camera wouldn't focus on it.  It then exploded off again.  Upstream.  Later seen dashing back and forth - appeared slightly unhinged.  A dazzling bird.

Of the nominate form C.c. cinclus this is the Western European race of which our C.c. gularis is the subspecies.  In the main, the underbelly is ostensibly uniformly dark.  The contrasts are striking.


  1. You are a twitching machine at the moment!

    1. JL - you take the credit by opening up the opportunity for me - now that you've retired from t***ing ;-)