Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Common Rosefinch

...and so while I was waiting for my flight back from Aberdeen having missed out on the American WW Scoter, news came through of a male Common Rosefinch found up the road from my flat on Walthamstow Marshes by the insatiable Jamie Partridge.

I couldn't believe it really - my perceived misfortune made worse knowing that I was unable to make it up the road for at least three days.

Thankfully though the Rosefinch decided to stick around, and on a glorious morning, the bird was found in it's favoured area singing sweetly from the aerial of the Hope and Anchor Pub.

A lovely red bird, it tended to fly between two favoured locations so could go missing for periods but such a great record for London and my first for the UK.

It never posed close enough for any credible photographs so the one below can reasonably described as a 'record' shot.

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