Tuesday, November 3, 2015


So, things are looking up.... which is what I generally tend to do when I head over to the Waterworks. Standing in the central area by the hides in what I call 'The Circle' (primarily owing to its circular arrangement) I stand, staring into the ether looking hopelessly deranged in the hope of some interesting flyovers.

It's generally been quite good recently, a max count of 28 Lapwing on the 27th October was interesting, and today had a promising feel to things.

It started with the Firecrest, present now for a couple of days, and seen early doors by @jarpartridge. It then politely emerged from the bushes by the main path allowing an attempt at a video grab that I inexplicably stopped as it appeared out in the open. Very sloppy. Half a dozen Goldcrest were also present.

From the hides, three Snipe were typically secluded within the reeds of Bed 16, but the Cetti's Warbler there had other ideas. This bird was evidently a little bonkers, chacking away and uncharacteristically showing itself off. It's a tidy bird when you actually get to see it.

And so to the circle, and the roll call of avian activity is as follows;

A total of nine Siskin and three Redpoll were flyovers. Two Peregrine each flew onto separate pylons ( you take that one, I'll take this one). A murderous group of 13 Jackdaw was definitely a personal record count. There were actually a lot of corvids around with over 50 Carrion Crow counted.

In addition, a single Reed Bunting, four Mistle Thrush, two Common Gull, two Little Egret, three Grey Wagtail, and two Meadow Pipit were flyovers.

Also conspicuous was Woodpigeon movement with a combined total of over 1000 birds seen flying through during the course of the morning.

Also seen by @jarpartridge were a Water Rail and Skylark completing a decent selection of birds for a November morning.

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