Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wilson's Phalarope

Was getting a bit cheesed off sitting at home, watching birds and birders enjoying the vagaries of autumn.  It is a magical season for wildlife, for birders too chasing down the perpectual supply of Neartic and Siberian avian wanderers.  It's a season not to be missed, but alas, health woes continue and getting out and about is proving to be a challenge.  Yet the will is there, not helped by my contemporaries picking off these autumn gems - and don't talk to me about the Empidonax.

So I drove to Vange Marsh RSPB, and in the rain, the Wilson's Phalarope was showing well albeit distantly in the rain.  It was feeding furiously at the back end of the scrape where there were a number of birds present including a Little Stint.  This was my second WP having seen the one at Hillesden, Bucks in 2006, but nice to connect with one under an hour from home, and without any major dramas.

one for the record books

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