Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fuerteventura - Day Three

Up early again.  Maybe this time, but where to look.  I decided to head back up to the El Cotillo plains.  I had stopped at this particular location on the first day but decided against it on my second.

Thought I would try my luck again.

Leaving the car behind, I took a walk across the arid plateau where yellow flowers were incongruously in bloom against the parched landscape.  I made my way up stopping and scanning.

Further on, stopping and scanning.

Finally!  A CREAM-COLOURED COURSER, distantly gliding across the barren surface.  Just a single bird and a bit of a relief having searched across three days for it.  I crept further on over the plain, but no sign of any more - a little disappointed not to have captured it on film.  Would like to have spent more time there.  But I was done.  A few Trumpeter Finch were in the area as I headed back to the car.

What did I say about relaxing.  This was now the time to relax - to the beach or something.

Mission completed.

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