Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ashdown Forest - Short-Toed Snake Eagle

Armed with a box full of jelly bellies, we made good time in arriving at the vantage point deep within the Ashdown Forest.

Inconveniently, The Prof managed to consume the entire box of Eagle fodder not long before reaching our destination.

Despite this setback, and after brief flight views at around 9am, the SHORT-TOED SNAKE EAGLE obliged the expectant crowds with several sorties along the escarpment best viewed from the path by Gill's Lap Car Park in the period around midday.  A wonderful bird particularly when viewed hovering with talons extended.

The Ashdown Forest is a stunning area providing suitable habitat to a number of heathland species.  Those seen today were at least two singing Woodlark, a couple of Tree Pipit, a single Hobby, Siskin and Redpoll, and plenty of Common Buzzards some of which were seen displaying.

A real treat came in the form of a Nightjar.  Not the best views, but I did my best.

Clip of the Eagle.

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