Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It was very foggy this morning.  Too foggy for any sensible birder to head out onto their local patch.  So this morning in the fog, I headed out to my local patch.   Visibility was poor, and birdsong was distinctly subdued, but it was the Common Terns that were particularly raucous.  They make a racket, but Terns are stunning birds, and it was a pleasure watching them.

Common Tern on Lockwood

A group of 11 Shelduck were on No.4 and a Reed Warbler sang from the scrub.  On Lockwood, Sand Martin were flying overhead accompanied by a few Swallow.  A pair of Egyptian Goose were attending to their young.

Shelduck on No.4

On leaving, the skies began to clear and the sun appeared.

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