Aldburgh - Alpine accentor

Not an easy bird to catch up with - the alpine accentor  exclusively favours montane habitats such as the Alps and Pyrenees moving to lower levels in winter, but with a run of exceptionally mild southerly winds that continue to blow through the country, it appears that anything is possible at the moment. Noting that the bird had roosted overnight, an early start was the way forward with one observer having identified its continued presence on the Martello Tower shortly before dawn using a thermal imaging camera. The site was easy to find, as was the bird but the over-exuberant and aroused congregation of twitchers were keen to afford themselves close range views constantly moving together in unison ever closer to the poor bird - not behaviour I'm particularly enamoured with but sadly it goes with the territory.  Hanging back in anticipation that the bird would fly my way, a strategy that paid off with great views of this scarce European vagrant.  A wander round the nearby North Wa

Scillies - 7th to 15th October 2022

The season of eyestripes and wingbars and for me, there's no better place for it but the Scillies.  Relying on the benevolence of favourable weather systems and the comfort of home-made cake and coffee, the eight days on the Isles were as sublime as they always are. Highlights: Blackburnian warbler - probably the top of the list of UK birding experiences from the anxious wait on tides to seeing this nearctic vagrant hawk for insects within touching distance. The assembled crowd numbering in excess of 300 were respectful and equally glowing in reverence to this mighty nearctic vagrant.  Truly unprecedented, undeniably breathtaking. Also; Swainson's thrush American buff-bellied pipit Radde's warbler Barred warbler Melodious warbler Cory's shearwater Great shearwater Sooty shearwater Wryneck Birds 1. Mute Swan Five on the Great Pool, Bryher on the 14th. 2. Fulmar One flew past during the pelagic on the 11th. 3. Cory's Shearwater Estimated count of 140 associating with